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Hi Everyone!

I just wanted some input on the application of "As Late as Possible" Constraints.

First off let me explain how I used them in the schedule:

-In the schedule we tried to capture the construction sequencing between Engineering and Construction.

-We wanted to capture the planning time in between Engineering and Construction so as to not fail in the field. (Obviously there is some planning from the time Engineering puts out IFC Drawings and the time to install the quantities being put in from Construction)

-What we did was put a direct tie FS from Engineering->Planning->Construction as well as ties Engineering->Construction.

-Then we put "As Late as Possible" Constraints on all of the Planning Activities so they would "Move Right" and be up against the Construction activities.

-The result is that we could visually see from the Gantt Chart that we had a certain amounts of time in between Engineering and Construction that we had time to "Plan" and get ahead of our Construction Planning. Also, we could see how many days we have, depicted in the "Start" and "Finish" dates. 

What I am curious to know: (Our Critical Path is set to "Longest Path")

-There are planning activities in the schedule that are showing Critical Path even though they are not pushing any Construction Activities.

-They have time to be completed still.

Questions that I am having:

-My thoughts are that the Planning activities are showing Critical Path because the activities in Construction that they are tied too, are actually Critical Path Activities.

-Is this simply the Constraint that I put on them?

Any/All thoughts to this would be much appreciated!



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