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R8.3 has the ability to create custom calculations via UDFs in the project view.  This is a huge for my Organization as it will facilitate reporting straight from Primavera and limit the amount of manipulation needed in Excel.

That being said, it does not appear that you can create calculated UDFs at the activity level. Our Organization has implemented R8.3 Client and Web.  The primary reason for implementing the web version is that we are going to implement BI Publisher in the next few months. It seems that this "hybrid" implementation has caused some anomalies that groups utilizing web or client only have not seen. So perhaps I cannot create custom calculations in activity UDFs because of this.

The workaround I have utilized is doing a global change at the activity level after creating a UDF.  This is not nearly as easy for instances where multiple "formulas" and custom code are needed.  I have utilized several global changes for a single activity, but this hasn't been easy (and I am not a developer).  I have done all of this in a test region, as I am not a designated super user, and thus in production would not be able to create global changes based on our organization's security and OBS structure 

Has anyone had similar experiences, or discovered better work arounds than those stated above?

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