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How do I change the Critical Path calculation?

Some of the activities have positive float of 52 days (this is my longest path). I'm ahead of schedule. How can I change the CP calculation to longest path instead of Total Float is 0?

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Go to Schedule Calculation (F9) and choose the Options. Now, click the general tab and change the "Define Critical Activities As" to "Longest Path."
Another way is to go the the "Projects" tab at the top left.  Now go the "Settings" tab.  At the bottom right under "Define Critical Activities" choose "Longes Path".
Did you specify an end date when creating the project? If so, your float could be calculating off of this date. You can check this in the "Projects" view and showing your bottom layout. GL.
I changed the in the Schedule Options dialog box to longest path. I just needed the driving activities to show as red. Thanks for your help. See below.

Have you tried Longest Path Approximator?  Http://


Make that instead

M G said:

Have you tried Longest Path Approximator?  Http://


Also, go to Projects from the Directory Bar, then click on the Settings tab. You can edit the Define Critical Areas option here.
Add a milestone and link it to your last activity in your longest path. Use a constraint date on you milestone to develop the float you want to see.

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