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Anyone know of documentation pertaining to converting P3e ver 4.1 (Oracle db) to P6 (Oracle db). I've found documentation when it comes to converting P3 (local/ non-relational db) to P6, using the applications' exporting/importing feature, but nothing for P3e.

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P3e is the same software as P6.  P3e is not a version of P3.  P3e is the name for P6 when it was at Version 3 & Version 4.  It was then renamed, “Primavera” for Version 5 and finally became “P6” for Version 6.  There were several Version 6 Service packs (now called Version 6.1, 6.2, etc.).  P6 stayed P6 for Version 7 and is now called EPPM and P6 Professional for Version 8.

Thanks for the reply. Do you know of any documentation or possible leads when it comes to converting P3e v4.1 to the current version of P6, since the database schema/ table structure/ etc. has changed between versions and will require a migration plan?

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