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Which settings for resource assignments

Dear all,

Just another simple question (I hope).

Suggest, I have an activity with duation 10 days. I add 1 resource, working 8 h/d. The duration remains 10 days. So far it is fine.

Now I want to shorten the activity duration, so I add an extra resource, also working 8 h/d.

My Primavera software now calculates an activity duration of 10 days with two resources working 4 h/d. In stead of this I want the software to calculate an activity duration of five days with two resources working 8 h/d. Can you tell me which settings are required to solve this? Just for your information I understand, there is still som intelligence needed: 1 man can build a house in 200 days, but 200 men cannot build a house in 1 day.

Thanks in advance,


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